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Bog-Pod DeadShot Fieldpod

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Your Price: $109.95
Bog-Pod DeadShot Fieldpod - 20-42 inches
Part Number: SA003137
Availability: This item is in stock.
  • Lightweight, durable aluminum construction that collapses quicky for easy transport
  • Supports shotguns, rifles and crossbows
  • Great shooting rest for younger hunters and shooters
  • Adjusts 20" to 42" to accommodate almost any long gun or crossbow
  • 360 degree rotation and up to 45 degrees of tilt

  • The Bog-Pod DeadShot Fieldpod features a dual frame construction and upper frame length adjustment for use with any size rifles including detachable magazine rifles and even crossbows making this rest great for ground blinds, predator hunting, long range rifle shooting and turkey hunting. Over molded, non-marring rear stock and front forend support that will securely hold your gun without damaging any point of contact. Utilizes a tension knob which is conveniently placed to allow for quick and easy adjustments of the upper frame. This rest is lightweight, durable and quickly folds up for easy transport utilizing the convenient carry strap. Weighs 6.5 pounds and adjusts from 20 inches to 48 inches high. This rest is solid before, during and after every shot.

    Additional Features:

    - Upper frame balance point adjustment

    - Bubble level

    - Screw out spike feet

    - Independent height adjustable on both front and rear supports

    - Independent leg adjustment

    WARNING: To the state of California, this product is known to have chemicals that cause cancer, birth defects, and harm to the reproductive system.

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