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Bulldog® Ankle Holster - 2"-2.5" Revolver

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Your Price: $25.99
Bulldog® Ankle Holster - 2"-2.5" Revolver
Part Number: HG006257
Availability: This item is in stock.
  • For Right Ankle
  • Elastic Band w/ Velcro Closure
  • Adjustable Thumb Break

  • Bulldog® has been the industry leader for decades in developing innovative carrying and storage solutions for all types of weapons. With a variety of nylon and leather products to fit your specific needs, each Bulldog product is constructed from the finest hand selected materials. During the design and manufacturing process quality and price are emphasized to ensure that every item is both affordable and built to last.

    WARNING: To the state of California, this product is known to have chemicals that cause cancer, birth defects, and harm to the reproductive system.

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