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  6. EAA Witness Stock II Xtreme Pistol - 9mm 17+1 - Aluminum/Black/Bronze

EAA Witness Stock II Xtreme Pistol - 9mm 17+1 - Aluminum/Black/Bronze

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EAA Witness Stock II Xtreme Pistol - 9mm 17+1 - Aluminum/Black/Bronze
Part Number: HG002596
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EAA Witness Stock II Xtreme Pistol

Full race gun, double-action semi-automatic pistol. Made for production division competition.

TANFOGLIO’S Witness Xtreme is a new series of Witness custom pistols currently in use by many of the winning competition shooters worldwide.

Each of the Witness Xtreme Pistol Series is manufactured to meet the rigors of the Six-Time World Champion, Eric Grauffel’s demanding requirements.

Every Witness Xtreme pistol is hand-tuned by the Master Gunsmiths from Tanfoglio’s Custom Shop in Italy and coated with Industrial Ceramic Coating for a longer life.

Tuned with a trigger job from Tanfoglio's custom shop - coned barrel with polygonal rifling better accuracy and longer life; full length dust cover for improved pistol balance; special two-toned ceramic coating; ambidextrous safety; xtreme aluminum grips; xtreme hammer; xtreme guide rod; xtreme firing pin; xtreme firing pin spring; xtreme hammer spring; xtreme d/a trigger; fully adjustable supersight; xtreme front sight with fiber optics; custom magazine catch; large slide serrations for ease in operation; ships with: cleaning set, steel front sight; three spare magazines with xtreme aluminum base pads; certificate signed by the six-time world champion, Eric Grauffel

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WARNING: To the state of California, this product is known to have chemicals that cause cancer, birth defects, and harm to the reproductive system.

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