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  6. Heritage® Rough Rider Revolver - .22 LR 6rd - Cocobolo/Blued

Heritage® Rough Rider Revolver - .22 LR 6rd - Cocobolo/Blued

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Heritage® Rough Rider Revolver - .22 LR 6rd - Cocobolo/Blued
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Heritage Rough Rider .22 Revolvers

At Heritage Manufacturing, they're not just gun-makers. They're storytellers. Since 1992, their goal has been simple: make guns that tell a story and stand the test of time. It's this mindset that brings you the legendary Rough Rider rimfire revolver - an American-made, single-action classic that pays homage to the Old West.

The Rough Rider revolver isn't your ordinary replica gun. It's a looker, all right, but it sure as heck won't be reduced to a dust-collector. It's built tough and boasts workmanship, accuracy and quality that'll turn heads. Whether you're plinking, hunting or western action shooting, the Rough Rider revolver means business.

Quite frankly, Heritage thinks the story of the Wild West is one worth telling. It's full of grit, glory and a whole lot of get-up-and-go. They're proud of our rich history, and that's why they build guns that can be passed from one generation to the next. This is their way of keeping the spirit of the American frontier alive and kicking.

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WARNING: To the state of California, this product is known to have chemicals that cause cancer, birth defects, and harm to the reproductive system.

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