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OSS HX-QD 556 Suppressor

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OSS HX-QD 556 Suppressor
Part Number: NF000199
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  • Bolt Velocity increases +/- 5% from unsuppressed to suppressed
  • The suppressor does not require the use of an adjustable gas block
  • The HX-QD 556 utlizes a patented Flow-Through™ design

  • An extremely rugged suppressor. The HX-QD 556 utilizes a patented Flow-Through™ design that moves the gases through the unit in a helical patern that allows for expansion and cooling as they exit out the front. The torque generated by the exiting gases keeps the suppressor snug on the mount. No tools are needed for installaton or removal. The HX-QD 556’s Flow Through system does not increase back pressure (blowback) like a traditonal baffle suppressor. This innovative technology produces heat at a lower rate than a traditonal suppressor, and it does not increase toxic gas discharge at the ejecton port. The HX-QD 556 does not increase bolt velocity (+/- 5%). Therefore, muzzle rise and recoil are managed, and there is no increase in weapon malfunctons.

    The OSS Test Rifles shall not exceed 140 dB ten shot average sound pressure level at shooter’s ear during barrel life.

    OSS suppressors full-auto rating guarantees the suppressor passes the USSOCOM Reliability Stress Test.

    With a wide range of muzzle devices, mounting options for QD suppressors allow users to quickly move their QD suppressor from one rifle to another without special tools.

    Suppressor maintenance can be performed to increase the service life of the suppressor.

    You must be 21 years or older to buy this item.

    WARNING: To the state of California, this product is known to have chemicals that cause cancer, birth defects, and harm to the reproductive system.

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