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Case Prep & Cleaning (139 Items)

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  • Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Rotary Tumbler Lite

    Our Price: $114.99

    Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Rotary Tumbler Lite has a small, more compact design with an easy on/off function. Hold up to 300 pieces of .223 brass, with a 3.3 liter capacity. Works great with stainless steel pins. Leak proof cap design with a clear viewing window. Measures 10" drum length and 11.25" high.
  • Hornady Lock-N-Load Precision Reloaders Kit

    Our Price: $399.99

    Designed to help you produce the most accurate reloads possible, the Lock-N-Load® Precision Reloaders Kit includes tools and gauges that allow the user to fine-tune the reloading process.
  • Berry's QD-500 Vibratory Tumbler - with Extra Bowl

    Our Price: $76.99

    • Only Tumbler available with a removable bowl for easy clean up
    • Quick-detach cam-over mechanism prevents loose bowl operation
    • Domed transparent lid provides excess capacity
    • Includes an extra bowl for easy change of media or calibers
    • 3 year warranty on motor
    • All other parts covered under lifetime warranty
    • Patented Design
  • Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Rotary Tumbler

    Our Price: $199.99

    MSRP: $265.99 | You Save: $66.00

    • Brass comes out cleaner than brand new brass
    • Stainless steel media can be used to improve the cleanliness of the inside of the cases and the primer pockets
    • Tumble up to 1000 cases of 223 brass
    • Clear viewing windows for checking the cleanliness of your brass during tumbling
    • Includes sifting caps for sifting pins out of brass
    • Also works well to use the Quick-N-EZ media separator to separate the pins
    • 0-3 hour timer switch, allows user to select the amount of the time they would like to tumble
    • Dual layer drum is robust, while the internal rubber lining provides protection for your brass while dampening the noise from tumbling
    • Includes 5lbs of stainless steel media
    • Includes a sample packet of Frankford Arsenal Brass Cleaning Solution
    • Maintenance free geared drivetrain (No belts to replace)
  • Lyman 2500 Pro Magnum Vibratory Tumbler

    Our Price: $99.99

    MSRP: $109.95 | You Save: $9.97

    Lyman's Pro Magnum Tumbler is designed for the high volume reloader, and high volume reloaders are always looking for value. The two gallon capacity bowl is engineered to deliver powerful cleaning action even at full capacity. Handling up to 1000 .38 Special cases at a time, the heavy-duty motor and advanced drive system deliver fast cleaning and long life.
  • Berry's 14/20 Grit Corn Media - 6 lbs.

    Our Price: $16.99

    Berry's 14/20 grit corn cob to clean and polish your brass to a bright and shiny finish.
  • Berry's Brass Bright Polish - 32 oz.

    Our Price: $26.99

    Berry's Brass Bright Polish contains no ammonia. Simply add 2 to 4 cap fulls to your media before you tumble to make your brass shine.
  • Frankford Arsenal Media Transfer Magnet

    Our Price: $20.99

    • Easily handle and transfer 304 stainless media pins
    • Gathers then releases when handle is pulled
    • Ideal accessory for rotary tumbling
  • Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Brass Dryer

    Our Price: $69.99

    MSRP: $73.99 | You Save: $4.00

    • Specifically designed to dry brass after Rotary Tumbling or Ultrasonic cleaning
    • Vented trays provide the best airflow to minimize drying time
    • Top-mounted fan, circulates up to 160°F air to quickly dry the brass inside and out
    • 5 removable trays easily dry up to 1,000 pieces of .223 brass in less than 1 hour
    • Heavy Duty 500 watt unit
  • Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Case Trim And Prep Center

    Our Price: $184.99

    MSRP: $240.99 | You Save: $56.00

    • Adjustable Collet System works with all cases from .17 Remington® to .460 Weatherby® (Cases must have a shoulder)
    • Indexes cases on the shoulder for speed and precision
    • Makes Trimming and Chamfering Cases fast and easy with no need for shell holders
    • VLD Inside Chamfering Tool makes loading easier and prevents damage to bullets
    • Outside Chamfer Tool, Large and Small Primer Pocket Cleaning tools included
    • 3 Output shafts accept all case trimming accessories with 8-32 threads
    • Aluminum and Steel construction for extreme durability and long life
    • Ultra-Hard HSS Cutters stay sharp for thousands of rounds to make trimming quick and easy
    • Can be operated in a variety of positions with included adjustable stand and non-skid feet
    • Built-in storage box holds extra tools and keeps everything ready and organized
  • Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Hand DePrimer Tool

    Our Price: $43.99

    MSRP: $49.99 | You Save: $6.00

    • Extremely efficient design for ease and speed of depriming
    • Universal collet system to deprime brass from .20 cal up to .338 Lapua
    • Robust die cast aluminum construction for extended use
    • Auto-ejecting case holder for easy removal of deprimed cases
    • Comes with 3 different collets for different diameter cases
    • Features an easily removable spent primer catch tube
    • Easily deprime crimped primers
    • Works on pistol and rifle brass
    • Ergonomic grip
  • Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Perfect Seat Hand Priming Tool - with 12 Shell holders

    Our Price: $77.99

    MSRP: $80.99

    • Die cast zinc body with steel internal components
    • Adjustable seating depths of 1 thousandth of an inch
    • Hard stop so you can never crush a primer
    • Primer tray with ridges for primer orientation
    • Works with both small and large primers
    • Comes with 12 shell holders to cover the most popular cases
    • Heavy Duty injection molded storage case
  • Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Primer Pocket Swager

    Our Price: $99.99

    MSRP: $119.99 | You Save: $20.00

    • Ergonomic upright design with adjustable-position handle
    • Quick-change swage pin for large or small primer pocket use
    • Features a die-cast aluminum construction with a benchtop mounting feature
    • Adjustable brass positioning to ensure a centered swaging pin
    • Auto-eject case pin holder for easy loading and unloading (includes a large case holder and a small case holder)
  • Frankford Arsenal Quick-N-EZ Rotary Sifter Kit - with Bucket

    Our Price: $44.99

    The Frankford Arsenal Quick-N-EZ Rotary Sifter is the ideal tool to quickly separate brass from media with a simple turn of a handle. Brass is caught in the separator while the media falls into a 3-1/2 gallon bucket (included) for storage ready for reuse.
  • Frankford Arsenal Quick-N-EZ Vibratory Tumbler

    Our Price: $59.99

    MSRP: $63.99 | You Save: $4.00

    This Frankford Arsenal® Case Tumbler provides a quick, easy and economical means to clean you brass. This is used in conjunction with the FrankFord Arsenal® walnut and corn cob media, the Quick-N-EZ™ Tumbler removes fouling, Lube and oxidation quickly and conveniently. It will hold up to 600 9mm or 350 .223 cases.
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