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Case Preparation & Cleaning (139 Items)

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  • Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Rotary Tumbler

    Our Price: $199.99

    MSRP: $265.99 | You Save: $66.00

    • Brass comes out cleaner than brand new brass
    • Stainless steel media can be used to improve the cleanliness of the inside of the cases and the primer pockets
    • Tumble up to 1000 cases of 223 brass
    • Clear viewing windows for checking the cleanliness of your brass during tumbling
    • Includes sifting caps for sifting pins out of brass
    • Also works well to use the Quick-N-EZ media separator to separate the pins
    • 0-3 hour timer switch, allows user to select the amount of the time they would like to tumble
    • Dual layer drum is robust, while the internal rubber lining provides protection for your brass while dampening the noise from tumbling
    • Includes 5lbs of stainless steel media
    • Includes a sample packet of Frankford Arsenal Brass Cleaning Solution
    • Maintenance free geared drivetrain (No belts to replace)
  • Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Rotary Tumbler Lite

    Our Price: $114.99

    Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Rotary Tumbler Lite has a small, more compact design with an easy on/off function. Hold up to 300 pieces of .223 brass, with a 3.3 liter capacity. Works great with stainless steel pins. Leak proof cap design with a clear viewing window. Measures 10" drum length and 11.25" high.
  • Frankford Arsenal Universal Precision Case Trimmer

    Our Price: $79.99

    Frankford Arsenal Universal Precision Case Trimmer works with almost any 1/2" drill or drill press. The micro adjustable collet system works with all case body collet shouldered cases from .17 Remington to .460 Weatherby and indexes on case shoulders for precise and consistent trimming every time. Features a built in depth micrometer, brass shaving eject port and the ultra hard HSS cutter will stay sharp for thousands of rounds. Includes storage case that holds collets and collars.
  • Frankford Arsenal Quick-N-EZ Vibratory Tumbler

    Our Price: $59.99

    MSRP: $63.99 | You Save: $4.00

    This Frankford Arsenal® Case Tumbler provides a quick, easy and economical means to clean you brass. This is used in conjunction with the FrankFord Arsenal® walnut and corn cob media, the Quick-N-EZ™ Tumbler removes fouling, Lube and oxidation quickly and conveniently. It will hold up to 600 9mm or 350 .223 cases.
  • Lee Precision Ergo-Prime Hand Priming Tool

    Our Price: $38.99

    MSRP: $49.00 | You Save: $10.01

    • Fingertip operation provides unmatched sensitivity and comfort especially for old hands.
    • No tools required when changing primer size. Simply remove shell holder and swap primer adapters.
    • Uses special, but inexpensive shell holders, so there is no need to endlessly swap your press shell holders to prime. Shell holders not included.
  • Lyman Universal Case Trimmer - with 9 Pilots

    Our Price: $94.99

    MSRP: $116.95 | You Save: $21.96

    Lyman's Universal Trimmer features the patented Universal Chuckhead which handles any case from .17 caliber to .458. No costly collets required! Features coarse and fine adjustments. Adjusting ring lets you "dial in to an approximate setting for quick repeatability". Includes 9 of the most popular pilots. Additional pilots add even greater range of calibers. Optional power adapter lets you upgrade to power in seconds. Whether you need to reload ammo for a 9MM or a .458 Magnum, shop the Lyman Universal® Trimmer for a versatile case trimmer today!
  • Hornady Digital Case & Parts Dryer

    Our Price: $79.99

    • Dry large quantities of cartridge cases and gun parts
    • Four fixed trays for cases and small parts, and a fifth adjustable tray for larger gun parts
    • Digitally adjust drying time from 15 minutes to two hours
    • Choose from seven temperature levels for quick or gentle drying
    • Easy to clean
  • Hornady Lock-N-Load UltraSonic Case Cleaner - 1.2 Liter

    Our Price: $119.99

    MSRP: $136.17 | You Save: $16.18

    Using a combination of intense ultrasonic cleaning action and a unique cleaning solution, this cleaner quickly removes tarnish, oxidation, and carbon buildup from the entire case, including the inside walls and primer pockets.
  • Hornady Magnum Digital Vibratory Tumbler

    Our Price: $99.99

    • Clean and polish large quantities of brass quickly and efficiently.
    • Larger drum holds up to (600) 38 Special cases, (250) 30-06 cases or equivalent.
    • Tumble for up to eight hours with digital timer.
    • Vibratory action cleans brass to brilliant shine.
    • Tumbling makes dies and other equipment operate more smoothly.
  • Hornady Unique Case Lube - 4 oz.

    Our Price: $5.99

    For those who want to use a high quality paste lube, this non-petroleum product will not contaminate powder or primers.
  • Lee Precision Safety Prime Primer Feeder Small & Large

    Our Price: $23.99

    Lee's Safety Primer Feeder is for small and large primers, allowing you to never touch the primers from box to shell. It is used with 2006 and newer Breech Lock Challenger, Turret Presses, Classic Turret Press, Breech Lock Classic Cast, and the Classic Cast Press. Note: Depending on die configuration on the Turret Press, the Auto Disk Riser may need to be purchased to provide adequate clearance for the Lee Safety Prime.
  • Lyman 2500 Pro Magnum Vibratory Tumbler

    Our Price: $99.99

    MSRP: $109.95 | You Save: $9.97

    Lyman's Pro Magnum Tumbler is designed for the high volume reloader, and high volume reloaders are always looking for value. The two gallon capacity bowl is engineered to deliver powerful cleaning action even at full capacity. Handling up to 1000 .38 Special cases at a time, the heavy-duty motor and advanced drive system deliver fast cleaning and long life.
  • Lyman Universal Carbide Case Trimmer - with 9 Pilots

    Our Price: $114.99

    MSRP: $144.95 | You Save: $29.96

    The Universal Carbide Case Trimmer features a premium Carbide Cutter Head with a fine grain and ultra-sharp cutting edge. The carbide head will hold its edge longer, making this trimmer ideal for volume reloaders. The popular patented Universal Chuckhead handles any case from .17 caliber to .458 caliber with no collets required. The Trimmer includes 9 of the most popular pilots.
  • RCBS Hand Priming Tool

    Our Price: $46.99

    MSRP: $52.45 | You Save: $5.46

    The RCBS® Hand Priming Tool not only seats primers quickly, a safety mechanism separates the seating operation from the primer supply to reduce the risk of tray detonation. It fits in a reloader’s hand for portable primer seating and primer tray installation requires no contact with the primers. The tool uses the same RCBS® shell holders (post-1980) as RCBS presses. It’s made of durable cast metal and includes large and small primer plugs.
  • Berry's 14/20 Grit Corn Media - 6 lbs.

    Our Price: $16.99

    Berry's 14/20 grit corn cob to clean and polish your brass to a bright and shiny finish.
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