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Primos (223 Items)

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  • Primos The Lil Can' Doe Bleat Call

    Our Price: $8.99

    • Smaller for higher pitched bleats of young does
    • Perfect for early season hunting
  • Primos Power Buck & Doe Deer Call

    Our Price: $14.99

    • Dual-reed assembly for inhale-exhale operation
    • Throaty grunts and clicking tones of aggressive bucks to Estrus™ Bleats and cries of does
    • Single and double-reed options, all-in-one call
    • Includes built-in compass
    • U.S.Patent No. 5,910,039
  • Primos Turbo Dogg Electronic Predator Call

    Our Price: $159.99

    • Preprogrammed with 36 sounds and 4 full sets of Expert Hunts (10 to 20 min. calling sequence by Randy Anderson that are proven to bring coyotes in!!)
    • Holds up to 500 Sounds
    • Turbo Charged 25 Watt Amplifier
    • Rotating “No Distortion” Speaker
    • AudioOutPort(Add another speaker)
    • Decoy Port
    • Realtree MAX-1
    • Simple to Use 150 Yard Remote
    • Sound Playlist Menu is organized by species such as coyote, fox, bobcat, deer, elk, etc.
    • 1.75” Full Color LCD
    • User Programmable HOT Button (First time ever offered) that changes the activity of your calling system in an instant, allowing you to react to your hunting scenario.
  • Primos Double Bull Turkey Decoy - w/SurroundView

    Our Price: $119.99

    • 1 hub design for a quick and easy pop out and closure
    • SurroundView material for one-way see through ability
    • Quick and easy removable handle for storage
  • Primos Orignal Wench Duck Call

    Our Price: $17.99

    • Our #1 selling duck call
    • Tuning hole in stopper/bell allows you to vary pitch. Covered, the pitch is lower; uncovered, the pitch is higher
    • Super-hard polycarbonate barrel for intense volume
    • The economical choice for the hard core waterfowler who seeks accuracy and versatility
  • Primos Mugshot 12 MP Trail Cameras Low Glow IR Flash - Green

    Our Price: $75.99

    MSRP: $87.45 | You Save: $11.46

    • 12 MP images
    • 720p HD video with audio
    • Auto Exposure prevents “white out” images
    • Rapid 1 Second trigger speed
    • PIR motion sensor with 70’range
    • 70’ Low Glow IR Flash
    • Simple Slide Switch set-up​
  • Primos Rubberneck 3-in-1 Deer Call

    Our Price: $11.99

    • Made completely of rubber
    • Converts from a mature buck to a young buck grunt or a doe Estrus™ Bleat with the push of a button
    • U.S. Patent No. 5,910,039
  • Primos Mule Deer and Blacktail Deer Call

    Our Price: $13.99

    • Effective for long-range calling
    • Dual-reed assembly for inhale-exhale operation
    • Reproduces throaty grunts and Estrus™ Bleats by simply inhaling and exhaling
    • Includes built-in compass
    • U.S. Patent No. 5,910,039
  • Primos Hardwood Fawn Bleat Call

    Our Price: $9.99

    • Reproduces the distress bleat and bawl of a young deer.
  • Primos Hoochie Mama Lost Cow Elk Push Call

    Our Price: $25.99

    MSRP: $30.45 | You Save: $4.46

    • The most accurate and consistent cow call you’ll ever hear
    • Fool-proof operation: simply push for perfect cow elk sounds every time
    • Tunable design produces mews, Lost™ cow calls and Estrus™ cow sounds
    • 100% FREEZEPROOF
    • U.S. Patent Nos. 6,575,804 & 5,910,039
  • Primos The Great Big Can' Deer Call

    Our Price: $9.99

    “THE GREAT BIG CAN®” has been tuned to be louder and longer for long-range calling. It’s perfect for windy days and hunting wide-open fields. You can’t beat the “quivering” Estrus™ Bleat that has made “THE CAN®” family of calls so accurate and effective. We guarantee it!
  • Primos Still Grunter Deer Call

    Our Price: $10.99

    • 6-in-1! adjustable reed assembly allows for grunts and bleats
    • Compact size for nasal grunts
    • U.S. Patent No. 5,910,039
  • Primos Hardwood Grunter Deer Call

    Our Price: $14.99

    • 6-in-1! Adjustable reed assembly allows for grunts and bleats
    • Made from select hardwood for extra loud volume and deep, throaty grunts
    • Expandable hose for variable tones
    • U.S.Patent No. 5,910,039
  • Primos Primos No-Lose Call Case

    Our Price: $5.99

    The No-Lose Call Case protects and prolongs the life of your turkey, elk, and predator mouth calls. It is designed to breathe, allowing your calls to dry out properly.
  • Primos Rut Roar Deer Call

    Our Price: $13.99

    MSRP: $17.95 | You Save: $3.96

    • Reproduces aggressive, mature buck sounds
    • Built in Challenge Wheeze
    • Ergonomic shape
    • Angled outlet for directional calling
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