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Accessories (44 Items)

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  • Spyderco® SpyderPac™ Storage Case - Large

    Our Price: $44.99

    MSRP: $59.95 | You Save: $14.96

    Looking for a way to store and carry multiple knives or even your entire collection? The SP1 SpyderPac provides secure scratch-proof storage and portability for up to 30 folding knives. each pocket is 4-1/2" X 2-1/2" (114mm X 63.5mm)
  • Havalon® Replacement Blades - #60A Stainless Steel Blades - 12pk

    Our Price: $14.99

    At 20% thicker and 30% stronger than Havalon's #60XT blade, we’ve improved Havalon's cutting edge sharpness with the #60A blade. Whether you’re skinning, quartering or field dressing, the #60A is able to withstand heavy use and resist breakage, and is the ideal choice for any serious hunter looking for both strength and precision.
  • Ka-Bar® Short Becker Knife Handle Set - Green Canvas Micarta

    Our Price: $42.99

    These attractive green canvas Micarta® handles will fit the Short Becker Knives #BK15, #BK17 (discontinued) and #BK16.
  • Ka-Bar® Fighting/Utility Knife Sheath - Leather - 7

    Our Price: $12.99

    Fits KA-BARS with 7" blade and double guard.
  • Ka-Bar® Dome Display Case - Fighting/Utility Knife up to 13

    Our Price: $82.99

    MSRP: $96.53 | You Save: $13.54

    Acrylic-topped wood-base display case is perfect for showcasing your KA-BAR Fighting/Utility knife up to 13".
  • Spyderco® Yojimbo™ 2 Trainer - Red G10 Handle

    Our Price: $149.99

    MSRP: $209.95 | You Save: $59.96

    The only way to develop usable defensive knife skills is through safe, controlled contact training with a partner. To do that, you need a training tool that accurately replicates all aspects of your actual carry knife—except its sharp edge and point. The new Yojimbo 2 trainer is mechanically identical to its live-blade counterpart, but features a full-thickness CTST BD1 stainless steel blade that is carefully radiused to allow safe contact.
  • Spyderco® SpyderPac™ Storage Case - Small

    Our Price: $37.99

    MSRP: $49.95 | You Save: $11.96

    18 pocket SpyderPac is an impressive and safe way to carry and display your knife collection. It's half the size of the large SpyderPac and fits neatly in a suitcase or portfolio. Each pocket is 4-1/2" X 2-1/2" (114mm X 63.5mm)
  • Cuda® Fishermans Knife Sheath

    Our Price: $10.99


    This fisherman's sheath is ultra-light and features a water drain system. Reversible belt loop allows for right or left fit.
  • Cuda® Knife Bag

    Our Price: $37.99

    MSRP: $41.99 | You Save: $4.00


    This heavy duty ballistic nylon knife bag fits most Cuda knives. Features an internal storage pocket and secure zip and clip closure. With the ability to mount on the exterior of a 5 gallon bucket, this bag is a must have for your boat.
  • Havalon® Replacement Blades - #115SW3 Baracuta Saw Blades - 3pk

    Our Price: $16.99

    MSRP: $18.99 | You Save: $2.00

    For heavy-duty cutting through bone and brush, the #115SW bone saw blade offers the best combination of strength and durability for the job. It’s made from stainless steel and has a unique saw pattern that’s able to cut through the toughest material without fail.
  • Havalon® Replacement Blades - #127XT Baracuta Fillet Blades - 5pk

    Our Price: $18.99

    Made from micro-honed stainless steel, the #127XT fillet blade is thick yet flexible enough to cut the perfect fillet. It has an edge that will last through multiple uses, and for filleting fish and deboning wild game, no other blade comes close to the #127XT.
  • Havalon® Replacement Blades - #22 Stainless Steel Blades - 12pk

    Our Price: $4.99

    Havalon's #22 stainless steel scalpel blade is surgically sharp and combines precision cutting with and edge that lasts. Perfect for skinning, caping and other fine detail taxidermy work.
  • Havalon® Replacement Blades - #70A Stainless Steel Blades - 12pk

    Our Price: $8.99

    MSRP: $10.99 | You Save: $2.00

    Havalon's new blunt tip #70A blade prevents any accidental damage that may occur while skinning and caping. It’s just as thick as Havalon's #60A blade, the only difference being the blunt tip at the end. Avoid unintentional punctures to yHavalon's hide using the same surgical precision that only a Havalon can deliver.
  • Havalon® Replacement Blades - #22XT Carbon Steel Blades - 12pk

    Our Price: $6.99

    Put an end to holes in yHavalon's hide with the #22XT blade. The blunt tip helps prevent accidental punctures in yHavalon's work, and at 50% thicker than Havalon's normal #22 blade, the #22XT holds a longer edge and is able to resist heavy breakage.
  • Havalon® Replacement Blades - #115XT Hunter's Blades - 5pk

    Our Price: $18.99

    The #115XT hunter’s blade is one of Havalon's thickest micro-honed stainless steel blades. It’s surgically sharp and made for precision cutting with an edge that lasts. As an all-purpose big game hunting blade, the #115XT is the perfect option for any season.
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