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Ice Fishing (115 Items)

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  • Vexilar Battery Charger

    Our Price: $24.99

    • Fully Automatic 3- Stage Charging
    • 1 Amp 12 Volt Output
    • Digital Operation - No Heavy Transformer
    • Will NOT Overcharge the Battery
    • When Full, Maintains the Battery Charge
    • Colored LEDs Indicate Charge Mode
    • Quick connect feature for Vexilar packs or use supplied gator clips direct to battery for charging.
    • 12 Volt / 1 Amp DC Output
    • 100 - 240 Volt AC, 22 Watt Input 50/60 Hz
    • Class 2 Battery Charger
    • UL Approved
    • One Year Warranty
  • Frabill 371 Straight Line BRO 18in Micro Light Combo

    Our Price: $99.99

    • Titanium main guides, light and extremely durable, these eyelets ensure a smooth draw and won’t break or crack in sub-zero temperatures
    • 3.7:1 reel ratio with super smooth drag & instant anti-reverse
    • 22” Line retrieval per revolution
    • 5 plus 1 ball bearing reel with ultra-fine free spooling
    • Sensitive blank through handle construction
    • Titanium spring bobber
  • Humminbird ICE 55 Ice Fishing Flasher

    Our Price: $499.99

    • LCD and 6-color fiber-optic flasher display
    • Overlay depth scale delivers excellent viewing in sunlight
    • 2400 watts peak-to-peak power
    • 10-step interference rejection
    • 4 depth scales (manual mode): 20', 40', 80', 200'
    • 7 depth scales (auto mode): 20', 40', 60', 80', 100', 120', 200'
    • 6 button control pad
    • Color palatte setting allow unit to display as Vexilar, Marcum and
    • Humminbird-6 color
    • Dual Beam 9/19° Transducer
    • LCD Battery voltage indicator
    • Shuttle mount with built-in gimbal bracket
    • 7AH battery with charger
    • Soft Side Carrying Case
    • 2-year manufacturers warranty
  • Eskimo F1 Rocket Auger 10

    Our Price: $429.99


    • Features cast bottom for smoother cutting and breakthroughs.
    • New aluminum handlebars help shield the redesigned engine. Foam grips absorb vibration for increased comfort.
    • Cold weather-tested and performance-tuned.
    • Streamlined transmission that increases spinning speed by 45% over similar-sized augers.
  • ION Power 8

    Our Price: $639.99

    MSRP: $659.99


    We took the world’s best auger and made it better. The re-designed ION X is built for extra holes and increased precision. The all-new 40V 5 amp-hour XC5 Battery increases charge capacity by over 60%, allowing ice anglers to cut up to 1600 inches of ice on a single charge. Whether drilling new holes or re-drilling old, frozen-over holes, ION X’s innovative cast bottom with centering point cuts more smoothly and accurately than ever before.
  • Marcum Lxi Handheld Sonar

    Our Price: $149.99

    • 12° cone angle
    • 20 hours of continuous runtime
    • Automatic Shut-Off extends battery life
    • Soft Carry Case included
    • Powered by CR-P2 6-volt lithium battery included
    • Top mounted Digital Display
    • Fish Alarm and Low Battery indicators
    • One year warranty
  • Vexilar Battery and Charger

    Our Price: $59.99

    • Sealed Lead-Acid Design is FAA Approved for flight
    • Fully Automatic 3- Stage Charging
    • Charger Will NOT Overcharge the Battery
    • When Full, Maintains the Battery Charge
    • Colored LEDs Indicate Charge Mode
    • 12 Volt 9 Amp Capacity
    • Sealed Lead-Acid AGM Battery
    • 12 Volt / 1 Amp DC Charger Output
    • 100 - 240 Volt AC, 22 Watt Charger Input 50/60 Hz
    • Class 2 Battery Charger
  • Frabill Ice Shelter Light

    Our Price: $19.99

    • 70 lumens of fully directional light
    • Velcro fastener attached to any type of shelter frame
    • Runs on 4 AA batteries
    • Impact resistant housing
  • Frabill Ice Shelter Light Bar

    Our Price: $38.99

    • 18 Lumens of light per pod
    • 72 lumens for all four pods
    • requires 6 AA batteries
    • features impact resistant housing
    • 123
  • Frabill Pro Thermal Tip-Up Orange

    Our Price: $24.99

    Frabill's Pro-Thermal offers the features and performance to make tip-up fishing easier and more productive. Unique round shape and thick insulation covers the entire hole to prevent freeze-up even at 25 oF below! Seals the hole to keep blowing snow and slush out and blocks unnatural sunlight that can spook shallow water trophies.
  • Frabill Classic Wood Tip-Up

    Our Price: $27.99

    The Frabill Classic Wood Tip-Up comes pre-lubricated with Frabill's own Sub-ZeroTM Low-temp Lube to provide liquid smooth performance in icy temperatures. All spool shafts are removable for ease of cleaning and re-lubrication. Dual trip settings allow an angler to set the tip-ups to the tension needed for any application, and large capacity metal spools are designed with dual counter-balance crank knobs for wobble-free performance.
  • Frabill Pro Thermal Tip-Up with Light Chartreuse

    Our Price: $29.99

    • Flag Lock: keeps flag in an upright position and visible regardless of wind conditions
    • Spinner Marker, Reel Handle, Trip Bar: offers 2 trip settings, light or heavy, revolves to show fish movement, and serves as a reel handle to retrieve line
    • Patented Hook Holder: keeps hooks and terminal tackle from tangling
    • Large Bait Clip: press the line into the bait clip to hold oversized baits from creating false trips. Line releases off the clip on a strike
  • Frabill Tip-Up Arctic Fire Orange

    Our Price: $19.99

    At Most, You Can Hold Two Fishing Rods At A Time. That's A Good Start. But If You Want To Really Canvass The Lake And Increase Your Chances Of Landing A Giant, You Need To Set Up Tip-Ups. This Frabill Rail Tip-Up Will Help Ensure You Don't Go Home Empty Handed.
  • Frabill Bro Flip-Over Shelter (Arctic Camo)

    Our Price: $599.99

    • SideStep entry simplifies in-and-out access
    • SideStep entry also removes need to step over gear and fishing holes
    • Vertical front wall provides more room for hook sets
    • Improved storage and organization
    • Optimized fishable space
    • Patented modular seating system
    • Contemporary styling
  • Frabill Citadel 3255 Insulated Flip-Over Shelter with Boat Seats

    Our Price: $699.99

    • Sidestep entry simplifies in-and-out access, removes need to step over gear and fishing holes and a vertical wall provides more room for hook sets
    • Fully quilted insulated roof
    • Alloy frame for increased strength and reduced weight
    • Folded assembly dimensions - 71”L x 39.5”W x 18”H
    • Set-up dimensions- 98.5”L x 71”W x 75.5”H
    • Fits up to 3 anglers
    • 600 Denier tent
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